Friday, 28 November 2014

Inquisition army list

Well, again this list is mostly theory, having never played with any of it. I have MathHammered it several times, and although I'm not a big fan of MathHammer, the list does stand up well.

The list

Inquisitor 1 - 53
(Tullus) Power armour, Rad grenades, Psychotroke Grenades

Inquisitor 2 - 73
(Adrien) Power armour, Combi-bolter, Psyker ML1

Henchmen 1 - 108
12x acolyte, flak armour, boltgun

Henchmen 2 - 185
5x crusader, 5x death cult assassin, preist, psyker

Henchmen 3 - 185
5x crusader, 5x death cult assassin, preist, psyker

I will also have the option to replace 3 acolytes in the first squad with plasma cannon servitors, bringing the cost up to 204. Henchmen squads 2 and 3 will also have the option of including a second preist at the expense of a crusader, bring the total cost to 195.

In addition I'm still considering the usefulness of Jokearo's and power mauls on the preists. All will add points, but will they be useful points?

The idea for this force, will be to take Adrien with the first henchmen squad and blast away at range, while Tullus and the other squads close and engage in CC, using the crusaders to tank wounds both in the charge and combat, using the DCA to kill whatever the squads charge, hopefully with a little help from the priest and the Inquisitors grenades. If all goes to plan, rerolling 20 attacks, with 17 hits, causing over 15 wounds at AP3, equals one dead marine squad, and that's only with the DCA.