Friday, 21 November 2014

Emperors Disciples 2000pts list

This is the 2000pts list for the 15th Company of the Emperors Disciples. This list differs from the previous list as I have not run any part of this list and it is based mostly on theory. Personally I believe that it is a decent list with lots of options and possibilities, but I wont know for sure until I get around from recovering the models from the loft and getting them on the table.

The list-

Chapter master - 165
(Company Master Marcellus), Artificer armour, power sword

Honour Guard - 165
4 Vets, Razorback

Librarian - 90

Terminators - 240
Assault cannon, 2x chainfists

Dreadnought - 100

Sternguard - 225
5x sternguard, Combi bolter, razorback

Tactical - 145
10x marines, flamer, heavy bolter

Tactical - 145
10x marines, flamer, heavy bolter

Tactical - 180
10x marines, Rhino with stormbolter

Tactical - 175
10x marines, Rhino

Devastator - 170
4x missile, 4xflakk

Devastator - 200
2x plasma cannon, 2x lascannon, 5x marines

A simple list that should be easy to use. The Chapter master and the Librarian will join the honour guard in the razorback and go with the sternguard to deal with any troublesome units, while the tactical marines move on to the objectives and eliminate any enemy soldiers. The squads with the heavy bolter will combat squad, leaving the heavy bolter sections behind for fire support. The devi squad with flakk becomes the main anti air, while the other devi squad combat squads in to the two plasma and two lascannons to deal with different threats, i.e. 2+ saves and vehicles respectively. The termies will deep strike in to the back field and cause as much chaos as possible.