Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Militarum Tempestus strike force

The Moon of Nott is a small paradise world orbiting a gas giant, located within the Segmentum Pacificus near to the Sabbat Worlds. The planet is a beautiful green and vibrant place, full of lush green forests and rolling hill with flocks of brightly coloured birds and animals, none more dangerous than the average house pet. The worlds primary purpose is to provide recreational facilities for important servents of the imperium, but it is also the location of Schola Progenia. The world provides the perfect place to study the imperium and the art of war, offering both peace for study and, with the aid of the neighbouring world, practice for war.

The moon of Nott is one of three inhabited worlds within the system. Nott orbits the gas giant of Vindr, along side another inhabited moon, that of Sla. Sla is an airless moon, covered in sprawling factory complexes, processing the materials harvested from Vindr. Although the factories of Sla do not produce any finished products themselves they process and refine numerous raw material for exporting to the greater Imperium for further processing.

The final inhabited world within the system, and the only true planet, is Eyrr. Eyrr harsh unforgiving desert world where the inhabitants huddle together in great towering hive cities. Eyrr itself is generally considered to be a recruiting ground for the Imperial Navy.

Both of these planets provide training for the scions of Nott, and allow the cadets to experience a large number of battle fields, from jungle and woodland, to inhospitable and unforgiving deserts and the vacuum of space. The Factory complexes and hive cities also provide training grounds, not only for the practicing of urban operations but also for more realistic situations. For it is not uncommon for a unit of cadets when maneuvering through the under hives or basements of factories to come up against hostile forces, either in the form of gangs or cultists, and for many it provides the first taste of battle, and for some the last. It is for these reasons that the scions of Nott are specialists in close quarters fighting, especially within urban complexes. As a result, the Dagr Ormr as are also specialists in deep strike insertion techniques, rarely using their Taurox Primes or Valkyries.

The Militarium Tempestus forces on Nott are known as the Dagr Ormr, the Day Serpants. At present, it is the 56th Platoon that is fighting on Hjaltland. The 56th is led by the highly experienced and able Tempestor Prime Agnarr and formed of the platoons Daggri and Dagalien. These units have been assigned the task of mounting precision raids on to targets of high importance, including the elimination of any cult leaders that may still be alive and recovering any artifacts of importance to the inquisition. The strike force also has the task of verifying reports of the presence of Chaos Marines on the planet.