Friday, 17 October 2014

The Hjaltland Campaign

I thought that I had better do a little background in to the formation of the 256th BG first, before I get in to the actual units and their individual histories and formation.

The 256th Imperial Battle Group, often referred to as simply the 256th or the BG, was formed after a separatist uprising on the planet of Hjaltland. Due to the systems location and proximity to the Sabbot Worlds, it was not surprising that a uprising by separatists occurred. Lead by cult members dedicated to chaos undivided, and comprised of a number of highly placed officials within both the administratum and the Planets Defence Force. There was also significant evidence that cultists from the Sabbat Worlds travelled to the Hjaltland, influencing the population. With a number of senior PDF officers corrupted by the forces of chaos, the opening salvos for the uprising was brutal and well managed, targeting loyal PDF forces and elements of the Administratum which remained out of the control of the rebels. The result was a complete collapse of all law and order on the planet and the disintegration of all organised resistance. However, the separatists made a critical error, as the recently deployed 851st Hjaltland L.I., along with the Hrossey 1313th Yeomanry, were still waiting on the near by planet of Hildasay for the Navy transports that were to take them to the Sabbat Worlds. These transports had failed to materialise out of the warp, whether they were destroyed on route, redirected or were never even dispatched in the first place remains unknown. However, this enabled local commanders to redeploy there forces quickly to meet the uprising on Hjaltland.

The battle was short and brutal, raging for only a few months. Casualties were high on both sides, especially amongst those units not from Hjaltland. A prime example of this was the Hrossey 1313th, who, deprived of there chimeras, suffered significant casualties in the close quarters jungle fighting. For the 851st the story was different, earning the name The Jungle Hunters, they took every opportunity to exact total and unforgiving revenge on anyone who would sully the name of there homeland.

 At the end of the campaign, the forces remaining on Hjaltland were greatly diminished, as such all the remaining elements from the Imperial forces were formed in the Hjaltland Yeomany Division, to assist the remaining PDF units in the final cleansing of the planet. The Hjaltland Yeomanry Division was formed around the remains of the 851st Hjaltland L.I., and included elements of the 1313th Hrossey Yeomanry, the Hrossey 56th Artillery, the Helliar 12th Tank and Hildasay 9th Fast Attack Wing.

In addition to the elements of the AM currently on the planet, a small force of Militarum Tempestis Scions were also dispatched to the planet. The force, the 56th Dagr Ormr Strike Group, was tasked with hunting down and eliminating any remaining senior cultists that may still be alive.

It was during the fighting that the presence of the Inquisition was first noted. None are sure when they arrived or their reason for coming but they were first sighted in the company of Space Marines from the Emperors Disciples and also the Eagle Knights. Elements of both chapters were seen at various times during the campaign leading strike forces against separatist positions often in the presence the inquisitor. It was shortly after all resistance by separatist forces ceased that Inquisitor Tullas formally requisitioned the Hjaltland Yeomany Division and the MT Dagr Ormr, and is currently preparing for there deployment in support of elements of the Eagle Knights and Emporers Disciples.