Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The 851st 2000pts list

This is my current 2000pts list for the 851st' 1st company.

Aegis with Quadgun - 100

Regimental command - 237
Commander Ollaw Jhonisoun (Creed), Master of Ordinance, Officer of the Fleet, Standard, Heavy flamer, Flamer, Medipack, Carapace

Company Command - 227
Captian Nicole Thomassoun (Commander) with plasma pistol and Kurov's Aquilla, 4 plasma guns, Officer of the fleet, Carapace

Additional HQ's - 250

2 Priests
2 Commissars
2 ML2 Primaris Psykers

Yellow Troop - 371

Troop Command -
Lt Wischert with boltgun, 4 Flamers, Krak grenades

3 Squads -
all containing Autocannons and Flamers

Heavy weapons squad
3 missile treams with Flakk

Red Troop - 161

Troop Command
Lt Sandersoun with boltgun, 4 Flamers, Krak Grenades

4 Squads
All with Flamers

Blue Troop - 201

Troop command
Lt Andersoun with Boltgun and Melta Bombs, 4 Grenade launchers,

2 Squads
Sgt with Melta Bombs, Melta, Krak Grenades

Heavy Support - 160
Hrossey 56th Artillery, 3rd Wyvern Battery
2x Wyverns, Enclosed

Fast Attack 170
Imperial Navy Vendetta "Wolf Hunter"

Total 1997

So what's the thinking? Simple, Yellow Troop along with the Regt command sit behind the Aegis Line, with the Wyverns at the rear. A commissar joins the HW Missile team, manning the Quadgun for extra BS4 Anti Air shooting. Red troop is split in to two blobs of 20, flanking the aegis line with one squad from Blue Troop in support for dealing with any armour. The Troop command squads go where they are needed to support the troops as they move forward. The Vendetta starts with Thomassouns' company command aboard ready to deploy where needed, using Kurov's Aquila to reroll those get's hot results.

The Aegis line will usually be deployed in to a corner or with a ruin on one side to offer some flank protection. The Officers of the Fleet are there to try and deny enemy reserve rolls. The priests and commissars are there for some Ld bonus', and the psykers are there for prescience and any other useful powers that they get. They will get at least 3 different power and potentially 5 different ones, which means that you generally have 2 useful powers a turn for each psyker.