Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Hamnavoe System

The planet of Hjaltland is located on the outer fringes of the Imperial Segmentum Pacificus, near to the Sabbat Worlds, and is one of a group of planets within the Hamnavoe Star System. The system is comprised of a number of planets and moons. Of the planets only a few are inhabited, namely Hjaltland, Hrossey and Helliar, with the moon of Hildasay being the only inhabited moon.

The Planet of Hjaltland is formed of many small sparsely populated mountainous and heavily forested continents, that are spread across the vast oceans that dominate the planet. The main exports of the planet are the rare chemicals and substances that are harvested from the plants and animals of the forest. Many of these substances are destined for consumption by the nobility of the local and neighbouring systems, either as items of vanity, cosmetics and perfumes, or as medical remedies.

The planet is considered to be of very low importance by the Administratum, and as such the Tithe requirement of the planet is very basic. At present this tithe stands at the provision of 10% of the planets total products, which due to the amounts produced by the planet is collected once every ten years. As such the planet is not required to provide troops to the imperial guard, but as a show of loyalty to the Emperor the planet also provides a full regiment for service to the IG at the same time as the tithe is collected. The Hjaltland Light Infantry regiments are the main fighting force of the planet, and form the planets PDF as well as providing regiments to serve in the IG. The total number of men under arms on the planet can be measured in hundred of thousands and the total population in millions, it was last recorded before the separatist uprising at just under 2 million.

The other planets within the system vary in appearance. Hrossey is the largest planet in the system, although it is still sparsely populated. As a low technology agri-world, responsible for the production of the all of the systems food resources, in addition to the tithe requirement of 25%, most of which is bound for the Sabbat World Crusade. The planet is formed of a few of large continents ,which cover the vast majority of the planets surface, with numerous small interlinked seas. As a result, the planets PDF, referred to the Hrossey Yeomanry, utilise chimeras in large numbers. Again, the planet is not required to field any units within its yearly tithe, and only rarely voluntarily supplies one, the notable exception was at the beginning of the Sabbot World Campaign, when 5 full regiments, over half the PDF's total strength, were mobilized.  

The last populated planet within the system is Helliar. This is an industrial planet of low to middling technology. The main exports of Helliar are numerous chimera based vehicles and the more basic pattern Leman Russ tanks, along with the staple supplies for the Imperial Guard, such as Lasguns and pistols, and numerous heavy weapons, especially autocannons. Much of the equipment produced currently goes to support the Sabbat World Crusade, but a large number of vehicles and equipment  goes towards the local regiments. In addition, Hellair also maintains a small force of Leman Russ tanks, many of which are the more technologically advanced versions, such as Vanquisher and Annihilator variants.

The last inhabited body in the system, Hildasay, is a moon of the dead world Hascosay. Hildasay is a small hive moon and in contrast to the other planets within the system, is vastly over populated. Legend has it that the world of Hascoray was once  a world of riches and technology, one of the main hubs of trade and commerce in the surrounding systems, and the moon of Hildasay was nothing but a backwater slum and prison. As to how Hascosay came to be in its current state, no one can be sure, some say catastrophic natural disaster, others say war and famine and while others say it is due to more sinister reasons. What is know is that any records of said event have long since been destroyed, either by accident or design.

Hildasay has a small military force, comprising of a number of Sentinels and Hellhound variants. The PDF is small in size due to the main force on the planet belonging to the Adeptus Arbites and their local counterparts. These units outnumber the PDF units, both in terms of numbers of men and equipment.

Within the system, there are also a number of other planets, ranging from several gas giants to small planetoids, and numerous moons and asteroids. There are also a number of mining colonies dotted about, supplying many of the raw material needed for production on Helliar.

Right, now that's out the way, I promise the next post will be about the 851st Hjaltland L.I., their history, formation and current composition.