Friday, 24 October 2014

Hjaltland Light Infantry

The Light Infantry Regiments are the main fighting force on Hjaltland, acting as both the Planetary Defence Force and also providing regiments to the Astra Militarium. Due to the size and population of the planet the force is small, usually consisting of a handful of regiments at anyone time, with one regiments being provided for service to the Emperor every ten year.

With the terrain of Hjaltland small continents being so mountainous and covered in jungle vegetation, vehicles are of little use. As such, the L.I. make little use of them, preferring to travel light and on foot through the numerous trails and tracks that criss-cross the continents. As such, much of the equipment used by the L.I. is man portable, such as autocannons for heavy support and missile launchers for anti-air, with flamers, or both the standard and heavy varieties, being common amongst the troops.

The 851st Hjaltland L.I. is the latest regiment to be mobilised for service in the greater imperium, but due to the recent rebellion, and transport errors by the Imperial Navy, has found itself once again on Hjaltland. During the rebellion the 851st gained itself a fearsome reputation for its fighting abilities, and has earned the name the Jungle Hunters, in recognition of there ability and relentless stalking of the Chaos Separatists through the jungles of there home world. Many separatist surrendered upon hearing that it was these warriors that chased them through the jungles, although all this act did was earn them a quick death as the 851st passed by, for mercy was not something to which the jungle hunters were willing to embrace.

The Regiment is currently lead by Commander Ollaw Jhonisoun. Commander Jhonisoun has proven himself to be a charismatic and energetic leader. While he has sometimes been criticised as to cautious, his steady approach and an unwillingness to throw away the lives of his men has earned him a lot of respect by all the members of the regiment. This does not mean that he is not willing to take risks when it is necessary or to sacrifice his men when such actions are needed, such as to hold a valuable objective.

The regiments 2nd in command and first company commander is Captain Nicole Thomassoun. The Captian is seen in a very different light to his superior. Although he is well respected by the troops, he is also seen as reckless and somewhat of a medal chaser, and can often be seen fighting up at the front and on many occasions in front of the line. Wherever possible, Captain Thomassoun like to deploy on to the battle field via the Valkyries or Vendetta's of the Imperial Navy, jumping to wherever the fighting is thickest or where his squads plasma guns can cause the maximum amount of damage. This approach has lead to high rates of casualties amongst the troops assigned to his unit, and is seen by many as a one way ticket to the Emperors judgment. It has also caused many arguments between the commander and the captain, as the captain is very rarely in a position to actually command the first company.

The First company, which is usually formed of 6 platoons, like many of the other companies within the 851st, have been depleted in both men and equipment as a result of the recent rebellion, is currently formed of only three platoons, or Troops as they are know within the Hjaltland L.I., Red, Yellow and Blue Troops. Red Troop, lead by Lieutenant Sandesoun, is tasked as a multirole platoon, to support both yellow and blue platoons. YellowTroop, commanded by Lieutenant Wischert, is tasked as the defensive platoon and is armed with the majority of the units autocannons. Blue Troop, lead by Lieutenant Andersoun, is the main offensive platoon, and contains all of the companies melta guns, a rare and valuable weapon within the Hjaltland L.I.