Friday, 14 September 2018

Kill team - a family game.

I guess it's every wargamers dream to have an opponent on had anytime you fancy a game and whats better than some you live with. Gramted, a proper game 2000 point game of 40k has been a little to much for my 5 year old son but kill team seems to have gone down quite well, even if we have dumbed down the rules some what. 

The only trouble is that the little man wants to play a lot, pretty much every day when he gets back from school, which does cause some problems, especially when there's house work to be done. 

Anyway, i promised I would put up some pictures on here, so here's a few from a couple of games. I would also like to add that currently he's won 9 games, I've won 3 and mummy (a reluctant player at the best of times) has only won 1.

Early games were a some what comical affair, with Marvel's Storm and Abomination taking part in the action.

Later games got a bit more sensible but still just as much fun. Random 6 man kill teams, chosen based on colours. My kill team is at the bottom here, the little mans is quite hard to see as there just primed at the moment.

A top down view of a typical game board, probably a bit full for a proper game of kill team but as we're basically ignoring cover, it doesn't really matter.

A close up of some of the action and terrain. I'll put up some posts shortly about the terrain as I've recently acquired a new board with some terrain. 

One additional thing that has come out of these he's is that my Scion\Inquisitional kill team have been christened "The Black Widows" by my son.

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