Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Eagle Knights Vs Ultramarines

This week's batrep is a slightly different affair, as I was playing a new player, well, a returning player anyway. My opponent had been out of the game for about 13 years and had recently decided to get back in to the game. He had picked up the Dark Imperium boxset and a couple of tactical squads and a terminator box and as a result we played a game of about 1500 points, I think it was closer to 1460 in the end. 

It took some time to sort through all the points as he only had the index, not the SM codex and also was getting confused by Battlesribe. It didn't take long to sort out the points and get up to speed on the basics of Battlesribe, although it did mean that I had to change my list about 4 times before we got to play!

In the end I took two 5 man tactical squads, a devastator squad, my vanguard vets, assault marines, caption, priest, chaplain and death company. I didn't plan on playing very aggressively as we were just playing a very basic kill points style eternal war mission with out objectives or anything. We were also playing without command points and detachments. Like I said, it was his first game, So I kept it as simple as possible. 

The board.

another shot of the board

Turn 1 went to the Ultramarines and he moved up, pushing to take out some of the marine squads. A unit of inceptors dropped in and managed to total the majority of a 5 man tactical squad in terrain. As this was a learning game I hadn't set up to aggressively, I was expecting to loose guys but boy, inceptors are brutal.

Ultramarine deployment and first turn movement. I forgot about the scouts (in the building on the left)

My deployment and turn 1 movement. The assault marines dropped in on the left as this game was played the weekend the Big FAQ dropped and I hadn't bothered to include it as we were playing very narratively.

In my turn I dropped in my guys, assault squad on the left and my death company with chaplain and priest on the right flank. It was quite aggressive but I wanted to get in to combat to get some fight phases in. Unfortunately, I didn't manage this turn as all of my charges failed. I did however manage to put a little dent in his army but at 2 wounds a model, its tough to kill Primaris marines.

The Death Company drop in to say hello.

Turn 2 started as turn 1 ended for the Ultramarines, they continued shooting up my gun line and just to improve matters, he decided to drop his terminators in on my back line and take out the rest of the my tactical squads I was hiding in the back line. This was a smart move as it meant that he was threatening my warlord. Luckily, he managed not to kill anyone important.

End of the Ultramarines turn 2

In my turn, I finally managed to get in to combat, mostly after an unsuccessful round of shooting. I did manage to kill off a few more primaris marines, but the main work was done in the assault. The Assault marines managed to do nothing to the captain and his honour guard, apart from take a couple of wounds of the captain. The death company on the other hand managed to wipe out a primaris squad and consolidate in to the apothecary. I also decided to charge into the inceptors with my librarian, after taking one down with smite. I did damage to one in combat. unfortunately they managed to take the librarian down to 1 wound with overwatch and combat. I had also dropped my vanguard vets in to the back field, but they failed there charge.

End of turn 2 for the Knights

We did not manage to get another turn in, so we talked through the next couple of turns and things were pretty much balanced on a knife edge. The librarian was dead, as the inceptors would fall back and blow him off the table. The death company would start moving across the table, taking down whatever they could touch, but would no doubt run out of steam eventually. The terminators in my deployment zone would pretty much do the same. While we didn't get to play out the game, we decided it would probably have gone down to a close game but I think in the game would have gone the way of the Knights, although i think that would have mostly been down to experience.

I hope that I gave my opponent a good intro in the the new 40k but time will tell.

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