Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The forces massed for deployment.

Well, KotN is just days away now and here is my force in all its glory.
Task Force Alpha34 of the 256th Imperial Battle Group, on parade before deployment planet side. All elements are represented and present for inspection by Inquisitor 
The Hjaltland L.I. arranged for battle. Two squads to the rear with the command at the front flanked by a priest, a commissar and a psyker.
The forces of the Dagr Ormr, with the two Hjaltland Wyverns in the back ground. 
The forces of the Eagle Knights Space Marine Chapter, deployed ready for battle. Lead by a priest, with the two tac squads, the Sternguard and vanguard and the assault marines at the rear.

The aforementioned assault marines, ready and raring for battle. They are combat squadded here with the Sargent leading the right hand squad and his no.2 leading the left hand squad. Whether they deploy together or seperate will depend upon the enemy.

The leader of the Eagle Knights, the high priest, wearing the fabled Eagles Wings (aka the BA Angles wings). I should have got a shot of the rear but forgot. ( and yes, it's the DV DA Libby)

The Wolf Hunter, minus lascannons, as they have both fallen off! They will be reattached for the tournament though. This craft has quite a back story that I will ha to tell at some point.