Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Post KotN Day 2

Well, day 2 started off a lot better than day one finished. Starting at the bottom of the table meant that I was drawn against another guard army, this one was a pure guard list though and what a list! I don't mean in terms of power gaming or WAAC but just in terms of models on the table. The picture below doesn't do justice to the army and I wish I had got a few close ups of the units, but I was too busy staring in wonder.

Game 4
Win - Primary 21-0, Secondary 4-4, Tertiary 5-0
Overall Win 17-3

You can just see some 2nd edition sentinels at the bottom of the picture above. These were a pain in the bottom all game and despite 16 Wyvern shots I only managed to do 2hp's of damage! Ok, so you don't get rerolls to wound as there vehicles, but with 15 to 20 hits, I would have expected to do some more damage! 

The rest of the game was really fun and despite the final score, the game was far from one sided. I was lucky with some of my dice rolls, the most notable one was my first shot with my Master of Ordinance, which despite the miss and about 11 scatter including the minus for BS, I landed on two Russ's and the Basilisk and as a result I got a pen and a weapon destroyed (lascannon) on one Russ and managed to destroy the Basilisk (+1 for open topped). This was a major boost for me, removing a major threat to my guys behind the Aegis line. I was also lucky with my reserved rolls and my outflank rolls, I got all but one of my sections on the board, (my Scion Command I think), and this was really the turning point. By turn three the game was swinging my way and it was all down hill for my opponent from there. All credit to him though, he put up a very good fight and didn't make it easy for me at all, and none of my units survived the game intact. If I hadn't have taken out the Basilisk on turn one I think things would have been different. The unit of the game though has to be the Wyverns, with the low armour saves of guardsmen, they were devastating, easily taking out a unit a turn.

Game 5
Imperial Fists
Win - Primary 9-6, Secondary 7-7, Tertiary 2-5
Overall Win 13-7

Well, when I saw this draw I thought I was doomed to a slow and painful death, but it didn't quite go that way. My opponent turned up with 2 Sniper Scout squads and 4 squads of termies, two with bolters and two with hammers, plus an inquisitor and Lysander. In support he had a Damocles Rhino, a Land Raider and a Stormraven. Having faced a similar army before I knew that this was going to be difficult, but I put my best foot forward and went for it. As it turned out, things worked out quite well. All his termies came in on either turn one or two, (he went first) and concentrated on where I had castled up in the corner with my Guard. As a result they decimated the Guard units but I placed all my reserves all over the rest of the board. This goes back to my second game, and playing the objectives. I knew that I would not be able to destroy all the termies or really rescue any of the Guard in the corner. As a result I controlled 3/4 of the table, destroying the 2 units of scouts and the Damocles Rhino and controlling all the objectives on the board edges. My Sternguard finally did there job and destroyed a squad of termies with their combi-plasma.

At the end of the game both fliers were still in the air, although his was a lot worse for wear than mine, despite the fact its got no wings in the picture! that was just due to the tree getting base in the way and unbalancing the plane. The game ended on turn 4, with my final reserves coming on, (after 2 turns of mishaps!) and moving in to contest an objective from the Land Raider and winning me the primary! Although, given the fact that none of the units landed where they were supposed to!


So after all that I ended up 16th, (this altered from 17th in the preliminary results, although not sure why) and had 4 good games and 1 that wasn't as good but I still enjoyed, mostly I guess down to my opponent. Which, I have to say, all my opponents were great sports and everyone was playing in good spirits and there were no silly shenanigans, that was left for the top tables!

So what next, well, I'll try and get a post up in a few days of my thoughts and lessons learnt from the tournament. There will be a bit to say, as this is a force I have never used before and I have learnt a lot about units and weapons.