Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The battle plan

So, now that my list is complete, what's the plan? Well, it should be a relatively simple 3 step plan.

Step 1, Deployment - The IG are going to sit behind the Aegis line and wait, using the heavy weapons and Wyverns to target anything that maybe dangerous or that's to close, i.e. infiltrators. Sitting behind the line for a 4+ cover save, the line should hold for a turn or two until the rest of the force arrives. The Eagle Knights tactical squads will take up a position on the flanks to act as support and a buffer should any units try to outflank the Aegis Line.

Step 2, Deep Strike - This step will be split in to two, with the Eagle Knights assault units deep striking near to any infantry units that need dealing with. It will mean a turn of fire before they can assault, but that's what the Assault Marines are for, shielding the Vanguard Vets before they can do there jobs the next turn. The Scions on the other hand will be very target specific, with the melta unit going after any important vehicles, and the plasma guys going after the 2+ saves. the command squad will go with whom ever will require an order and the final squad will support the other squad. The Vendetta will come on and help with the vehicle situation and the Sternguard will hitch a ride, waiting until they are needed.

Step 3, Survive - This list does have a fair portion of the units used in an alpha strike type arrangement, so step 3 is to survive till the end of the game. this will involve the jump pack equipped marines jumping between objectives to claim points along with the Scions funning around in the back field. The IG will just hold the line with the Flamer Vets moving up if they need to, to claim objectives or flush out any camping enemy units. The tactical marines will be doing the same. The Sternguard as going to be my ace in the hole, so to speak. They will get out of the Vendetta when they need to, hopefully to take down something important, like the warlord.

The only danger is that the reserves will come in piece meal and I would be able to mass the forces I need, when I need them. If this happens though, I'll just have to combine what units I can to achieve something useful.

Well, that's the plan anyway, we'll see how well it works or if I even manage to stick to it. Knowing me, I'll get all excited and forget all about the plan and run around like a headless chicken all game, getting nowhere fast!