Tuesday, 14 January 2020

2020 resolutions

So, I've been through last year's resolutions and all the previous ones and this year I've set myself the target of clearing all the backlog from previous years. Whether I manage to achieve this target is anyone guess, however given previous years, I doubt it!

1) complete my deathwatch kill team.

This is definitely priority number one on the list. I will try and concentrate on this first before moving to other items on my list but that might change depending upon time I get to hobby.

2) paint and base terrain.

This is number two on the list as it should be something I can do in bits and pieces, spray a bit of terrain here, cut a board there type of thing. As it's not a sit down and concentrate sort of job, I can do it on the fly at a moment's notice.

3) complete chaos kill team.

I've started this and have a clear plan. They were not supposed to be started before the Deathwatch we're finished but you know how these things go sometimes.

4) complete marine kill team.

Now this one is a little more complicated that the rest as technically it's 4 things not just one;

a) scout team

I need to finish cleaning (don't ask me how long the models have been in the jar of detol), priming and painting these boys.

b) Blood Angels

Surprisingly close to being finished, as only 1 models needs painting. Ok, so I cheated slightly here and used some models from the Eagle Knights army in had already painted but still......

c) Dark Angels

The models are primed and ready to go, some already have some paint on but only very basic splodges of colour here and there.

d) Space Wolves

I thing two models have some colour on but on the whole these need the most work of the three chapter specific teams

5) Marneus Calgar.

Paint up Calgary and his retinue. So 3 primaris Marines and 2 guards plus Calgary himself. The apothecary is already done (by previous owner I might add)

6) paint up the remainder of the Dagr Ormr Militarum Tempestus force.

We'll see about this one, even if I just get them primed I will be happy!

7) get as much of the Hrossey Yeomanry primed and base coated as possible.

Shouldn't take much as I think there is only about 2 commanders, a vet squad and a special weapons squad to paint. But then I said there wasn't many models to paint last year and I didn't manage that!

So, not an exhaustive list but there 8s still quite a bit on there to do. I recon there are 90 models to paint before we get to the last two items, which will have at least the same again to do. I really do t know how much time I will get this year but I hope it will be more than last year, fingers crossed either way!

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