Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Lots happening at GW

So, I'm a little behind the curve here but i thought I'd cover a few of the recent GW releases and announcements. Theres quite a bit to get through so i won't spend much time on each section, just my first thoughts and all and i will go into detail on a couple of the points later.

First up are the new paints from GW, Contrast Paints. Now i haven't had any in hand sonincant talk from personal experience, however there are a couple of guys in the local group who have had a play around and so far, it seems very mixed.

Contrast paints

One of the members has been painting up there khorne Desmond with Khorne(?) Red and the results so far look very good. One member has been painting up there Space Wolves and the results haven't been quite so good, looking very washed out compared to the classic method. Most of my models are primed black or have a set colour scheme to adhere to, so i won't be diving in just yet. My chaos kill team might just be a good candidate for trying Contrast paint but that will be a while before i get to them.

Pop miniatures are another recent release and something i am definitely looking to grab hold of, namely the space wolf and blood angel. While unusually don't go for any of this sort of thing, i really do like these guys and am hopeful that they will do other ones in the future, maybe the commissar "previewed" in the Regimental Standard post, or an AdMech version. Either way I'm definitely grabbing some.

Hot on the heals for the Pop miniatures came this big fella;

While many of us probably never thought we would ever see a space marine action figure, here it is! This is also in the list of things to buy, this time for the kids. I haven't seen much about this but I'm hoping that it will come in different chapters.

And finally there are these guys. I'm less sure on these, although the little man quite likes these. I would be interested in seeing these in person and coloured. The sister and the blood angle are the two that look best to me.

On a more serious note, the latest Kill Team expansion is with us, Elites, and it's a bit of a mixed bag as far as I'm concerned. While it's good that there are now more options, some of these option are disappointing.

Moving up a scale, the new Admech transport I here and its about time. As one of the only armies to not have a transport, (the only other one that I know of is Imperial Knights and they don't really need one!) its good that they got one, even if its divided opinions. While I don't think that it is in keeping with any of there other vehicles I still like it, although I wont be buying one for my army. Its not that I don't need it or want it, as I could do with one for my little admech army to move around but there has been something I want even more previewed recently...….

Which leads nicely on to the biggest one of them all, Apocalypse! Yes, the new version of the game is here and its going to be bigger, better and faster which is good because it couldn't have been much slower before! while I may not be looking to buy the actual book or any of the bits and pieces, like movement trays, I will be looking to splash some cash of one of the box sets, namely this one;

Yes, its Imperial knights and no i'm not jumping on that band wagon. I've two Warglaives at the moment and a small force of 2 tech priest dominus and 20 skitarii. Adding this box for the big Castellan and two Helverins and I've got a good little force of about 2000 points and a nice little story too, something along the lines of Lord takes young Squires out to evaluate them. Anyway, at 100 quid its a bargain!

And last but by no means least is this wonderful young lady!

I cant wait for the rest of them! (and hopefully kill team rules)

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  1. Some very nice releases coming out soon. Looking forward to possibly picking up apocalypse for some games in the future.