Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Kill team WIP

After the mammoth posts about the Astra Militarum kill team, I thought I would follow this up with a post about the rest of my kill teams or rather the work that's going on with my other kill teams. I've two main teams on the table at the moment, my Deathwatch and my Scions.

First up are my Deathwatch. Now, I've broken these down in to 5 man units to make them more manageable. The first 5 are my current go to team, with Blackshield with shield and maul, Sgt with power sword and bolter (Its a pistol on the model as it actually a librarian but i'm using it as a Sgt), vet with combi-plasma and maul, vet with shotgun and finally, gunner with Infernus heavy bolter. While this might not be the best or strongest loadout for a Deathwatch team, I still like it and its a fun list to run.

The Blackshield on the left has just been started with the base silvers and reds, while the Sgt is nearing completion. He has had all of his base colours done as well as many of the shading, washes and some  of the details done. While he's not finished yet, he shouldn't take too much longer to finish.

The backside of the models and some more of the details can be seen on both models. The Libby/Sgt has a lot of details on the pack, which still needs a little finishing off.

The rest of the kill team. Its quite hard to see the details on these as they are primed black with just a few details of silver. There is still a few bits of silver to do and then some colours to add but being Deathwatch, there isn't many colours to do.

The next team up is my scions. There are a few more models pained up then shown here. I've got about 3 members almost finished and the rest have had there flesh painted up. Here we have just two models, both of which are tempestors but I was planning on using the grey figure as my inquisitor stand in. With the release of commanders, I have considered upgrading this character to a Tempestor Prime to represent the fact that they are an Inquisitor and more powerful than the rest of the team but as I don't have or want the commanders expansion, I probably wont.

The man on the left is my Sgt, Sergeant Dharem and on the right is my modified scion model, Inquisitor Tullus. The model has a few minor modifications, with a head swap, using a female head from Dreamforge Panzerjagers kit, a modified command rod with a modified top end, taken from top of the flag and a power sword on the left leg, which, I think, is an Eldar sword. In addition there will be a plasma pistol held in the right hand which is missing at the moment. I should probably also say that the Sgt model also has a Dreamforge head, from the Eisenkern accessories set.

There are 3 other teams on the table, all in various states. Both the AdMech and Chaos teams have been primed and are ready to paint, once the other two teams are finished. The marines are still on the drawing board to some extent. I've got a good idea about what I want to run and I've most of the models but i'm holding out until I finish assembling and painting them, as I am still hoping that they will release some special Space Wolf rules to enable the taking of Grey Hunters or Blood Claws in a kill team.

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