Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Kill team - primaris marines

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A quick post today. As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been playing a few games with my son recently and I thought I would just put up a few pictures of my sons kill team. He has three primaris intercessors at the moment, with minor conversions to space wolves heads and I was hoping to pick up issue 3 of conquest for the Reaver's but the shop seemed to stop at issue 2 and I haven't seen it anywhere else. We will probably pick up some for Christmas or birthday, as he'll like that but for now, here are his primaris marines, glued and painted all by himself (I did the sprues)

Head swops, he likes the wolf face best and thinks the hair cut is cool. 

Post paint. I was really impreeimpwith his brush work on these, it's significantly better than his last attempts and I think given a bit more time he'll only improve.

Ok, going day glow here but it shows the colours pretty well. He's painted the hair of the central marine to match his hair, which is red incase you were wondering. 

I've a feeling that I might have to build some bigger storage trays as if he keeps up with his enthusiasm we could end up with a whole primaris force!

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