Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Blood Angels codex review.

I spoke about doing this a while ago, when the book first came out but have held off as there has been a number of other things that i wanted to post about. With those things out of the way, were in to a bit of a lull in posts and content, so though that this would be a prime time to post up my review of the Blood Angles codex.

Now this won't be as in depth as the guard codex as i will be skimming over a lot of units, namely the ones i do the use and have no intention of using. This will mean that the whole review should be a lot quicker! Well, that's the plan anyway, we'll see if that's holds true.

Ill follow the same plan as I did with the guard codex, and start with the HQ units and move on through troops, elites, fast attack and heavy support, and I'll throw in the transports and flyers at some point. After I have gone through all the units, I will move on to the rest of the book, including warlord traits, stratagems, relics and psychic powers.

I don't know how regularly I will be able to post up the review pages, as they take a while to write each entry and I'm a bit short of time with work and the bairns, but I will try and get at least on post up every week, so getting all the review up will take a while!

The first post, that of the named characters will be up soon!