Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Hjaltland Light Infantry Company Photos

And following on from the earlier post of the Eagle Knights, here is a complete picture of the 851st Hjaltland Light Infantry. Lined up, rank and file for inspection by the commanding officer. This is quite a picture heavy post, so be prepared.

And again below is the list of the key officers and men of 851st.

Company commander
2nd in command
Command Squads
2 No. Primaris Psyker's

Troop 1 - Red Troop
Squad 1
Squad 2
Squad 3
Squad 4

Troop 2 - Yellow Troop
Special weapons squad
Squad 1
Squad 2
Squad 3
Squad 4
Special weapons squad

PC - Blue Troop
Vet Squad


The 851 Hjaltland Light Infantry, 1st Company

Regimental Commander - Commander Ollaw Jhonisoun with Company command squad to his rear. The Squad includes Jhonisoun's personal medic and the 851st regimental standard, along side a Vox-caster and two veterans armed with special weapons for squad protection.

The Regimental second in command and the 1st companies commander - Captain Nicole Thomassoun, again supported by his command squad, this one sporting 4 plasma guns.

The veteran platoon, known as Blue Troop, lead by Platoon Commander - Lieutenant Andersoun, at the front. This is the total troop and is very much an elite hunting squad.

A view showing the heavy flamer and 3 meltas from the squad.

Yellow Troop, lead by Lieutenant Sandesoun, is considered to be the "assault troop" within the 1st company. While Blue Troop is tasked with more specialised missions, Yellow Troop is the bulk of the assault, containing no heavy weapons and each squad carries an assault weapon, usually a grenade launcher for its versatility.

Yellow Troop Platoon Commander - Lieutenant Sandesoun, with Special Weapons Squad

Another shot of the special weapons squad, all armed up with Grenade launchers. While this weapon is not a true substitute for a heavy weapon, it does enable the unit to carry some heavy infantry and anti-armour capability.

The squads of yellow troop. There are currently 4 squads in Yellow Troop, all equipped exactly the same, with a Flamers and Vox-casters.

Red troop, with Red Troop, commander Lieutenant Wischert to the centre right of the photo. This troop is the "defensive troop" with each squad containing a heavy weapon, usually the Autocannon, and a flamer for some close protection and anti assault capabilities. Again, the troop is formed of four squads.

The close support and counter attack special weapons squad, full of flamers to roast anyone that gets too close to the lines.

Red Troop Platoon commander - Lieutenant Wischert at the front of his troop.

While the majority of the force is formed of infantry, there are a couple of vehicles that operate with the 1st company.

The Imperial Navy Vendetta gunship "Wolf Slayer" from the Navies 325th tactical wing.

The Imperial Navy Valkyrie transport "Deliverance", part of the Navies 276th tactical wing.

The Wyverns of the Hrossey 56th Artillery regiment, 3 Battery, formed of 3 Wyvern heavy mortars. At present only two are operational due to lack of components to fix the damaged firing mechanism of the third vehicle.

The Aegis Defense Line with Quad Gun, deployed by the company when on defensive operations.


Along side these forces, there are a a few new additions to the company. These take the form of 2 commissars, an additional company commander, 2 special weapons squads and a heavy weapons squad.

The reinforcements. 

Company commander on the left, will fill the position of 2nd in command of 1st company, 2ic to Captain Nicole Thomassoun. This commander will have a name and rank at some point but for now he's nameless. The commissar on the right is one of two in the force, the other is still in detol getting stripped. Behind the two characters you can see the two special weapons squads. The right hand squad will join yellow troop, adding some extra grenade launchers to the troop, while the other squad will join red troop and add 3 sniper rifles to the mix. While 3 isn't going to cause my opponents to quake in there boots, it will cause some problems and give me the ability to target characters.

The final reinforcements come in the form of a missile heavy weapons squad. The left hand team were originally part of one of the command squads, before 8th came along, and have since been left without a role. Now they will form part of the companies heavy weapons compliment and add some extra anti-armour fire power.

The final picture of the company, including the reinforcements off to the right. When all the models are paid Ted this will form the complete and finished article. I will add to it in the future, as i already plan on adding at least 1 ogryn bodyguard to the list, although i will not be looking at add anything else. There are still two more guard armies to finish, the Hrossey Yeomanry Mechanised and the Dagr Ormr Militarum Tempestus force with Hildasey PDF support, which is currently on the paint table.