Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Reconstructive surgery

So, remember these guys?

Well, i decided that i would do some reconstructive surgery on them to bring them in line with the new codex.  As a result, this happened:

However, no sooner had i disassembled everything i ran into another issue. Company Veterans with jump packs are no longer a codex option! What!?

Yes, it appears that not only have Sanguinary priests and Sanguinary Novitiates lost there jump packs, but so to have company Veterans, company champions and company ancients. I'll do a separate post about all this, as i can see it turning into quite a rant. Needless to say, I've had to have a bit of a rethink.

The way that i see it, there were three options;

1) Continue as i was, using the index entries and points.

2) turn the squad in to a vanguard vets squad using spare jump pack

3) keep them as company vets but remove the jump packs.

In the end, i decided to keep them as company vets, removing the jump packs. I decided this for a couple of reasons. The first one being that i would like to keep the force as codex compliant as possible. There will be a few exceptions, but on the whole, i plan to stick to the codex. Secondly i already have a vanguard squad, who aesthetically, look very different to this squad. Another reason for keeping them as company vets is the rules, namely the bodyguard ability. It's not something i will use very often, but it could come in handy towards the end of the game to deny slay the warlord. Lastly, it also ticks my fluff box by having a command support squad.

New company Veterans squad.

Rebuilt storm shield carriers and their new packs. (Yes i have just spotted the centre vet has his pack already. The one in front of him should go with the vet below)

Sgt on left and vet, both dual wielding pistols.

With the 5 models i will now have, i can run them as a 5 man unit or a 3 and a 2 man unit, giving me options. The loss of jump packs is annoying, but something that i can work around. It will not mean a great change in any of my game strategies, as i was just going to be running them in supporting roles, accompanying the captain and lieutenant. They don't really need that support, as they will be with a lot of other troops, namely assault marines, vanguard vets or the Death company. Loosing 3 vets won't make a massive difference overall. It does mean that the foot slogging officers will have the benefit of extra protection though, so it's good for them. I do now have 3 packs to find, paint and glue on though!