Friday, 21 July 2017

Imperium Vs Harliquins. (7th ed)

this is the very last game of 7th that I played and was a bit of a mash up of units that hadn't seen the battle field in a while. With the new rules, many of these units will probably see the battlefield a lot more that they have in the last few years.

The list included 3 vet squads, 2 with 3x flames and one with 3x melta, these were accompanied by two command squads, my usual two, creeds squad (although minus creed on the occasion) and plasma command. The force also featured two Russ battle tanks and a hell hound. To finish off there was a scion platoon, with a command squad and 3 small squads, who would be deep striking in.

The main battle line

Melta vets to the flank

LRBT, a very lengthy WiP 

My opponent was playing Harliquins today and having played them before, I was expecting a tough fight. He had brought a very mobile army, with two units of bikes, a couple of voidweavers and a starweaver. There were also a couple of troupes, death jesters, shadow seers and a solitaire. A nasty little force, but quite a fragile one, if I could pin it down.

The Quins right flank, facing off against the melta vets.

Some Quins characters

Turn 1

Didn't start well, mostly due to having the initiative stolen from me! This meant that he got the jump on me and moved all of his jet bikes and skimmers forward, while his troupes stayed back. As a result he unloaded all of his haywire in to my LRBT's. This was not good news, I had completely forgotten about the abundance of haywire in the Harliquins army. As a result of all the shooting, one Russ was immobilized and on 1 hull point and one left on 2 hull points. Not great for the top of turn 1! Not a lot else happened luckily but my reply want much use either!

Moving forward 

I moved forward with as much of my units as I could, the only ones that remained stationary were the vets to the left and the command squad in the centre, both were holding objectives. The tanks did little damage to the two skimmers, taking just one hull point of one of the skimmers, their invun saves dealing with the rest. Unfortunately this mean that they could shoot normally next turn, which want great for the tanks!

Tanks vs skimmers

Not a pretty view!

Turn 2

Things didn't get much better at the start of turn 2 either. The jet bikes pounced on the vets, who somehow managed to survive, even though they took some losses. The other skimmers also moved forward, going after the tanks again, but due to some bad scatter, only one tank was destroyed, the immobilized one luckily! The other survived to fight on.

The jet bikes pounce.

Retaliation was swift though, with the plasma command and chimera targeting g the third flyer, destroying it in a hail of plasma and laser fire, Unfortunately the plasma command squad didn't fair very well, loosing 2 to gets hot and a third when the skimmer exploded. 3 of the 4 scions turned up though, just the command squad remained behind. They didn't do masses, but they did enough to get noticed. In very un-guardsmen like fashion as well, one squad of Flamer vets charged one of the other skimmers, doing no damage at all. The hell hound was having a go at the other skimmer, but not much luck there either. At this point in the game things look like they could go either way.

Retaliation, flamer vets just in shot at the top.

The guard lines.

Turn 3

I didnt get any pictures of turn 3 for some reason and my memory is a bit sketchy, as i usually use the picture to remind me of what happened. My opponent didn't do much this turn, just moving a few models around to get better positions for charging. I do know that during this turn the jet bikes were finally dispatched by the vets after another round of combat. Also the character person, possibly a Solitare?, did its jump across the field to attack the command squad hiding in the ruins, causing a few casualties on the vets. In reply, my last russ decided to ram the skimmer that had moved in to my deployment zone, smashing in to smithereens. The Scions on the far side tried to eliminate as many of the remaining Troupes as possible and the hellhound in the centre toasted the skimmer up the top, shaking the crew.

Turn 4

Turn 4 and the foul Xenos were starting to get thin on the ground. Again, my opponent did a bit of shooting, whittling down the melta vet squad and doing damage to one of the flamer vet squads. The Scions proved to be a little more durable, but not much, loosing a few members from pretty much every squad. The Scion squad in the centre of the building, next to the hellhound were eliminated by a combination of death jester, solitaire and the other one (XXX). At the other side of the board, the command squad and solitaire went on a bit of a slap fest.

The slap fest

Scions eliminated and the Quins ready to pounce on the hellhound.

The battlefield

In retaliation for eliminating the Scions in the centre, the chimera and vets gave it there all, easily killing of characters. Not a lot else happened, as the slap fest continued and the vets on the far side held there ground.

The chimera supporting its hellhound brother

The guard start moving forward to swarm the ruins

Turn 5

At this point in the game, the little man turned up and started to cause chaos! He borrowed the remaining Russ and went on a little drive!

The tank parked in its garage!

Another shot

In game, the Quins made a bit of a last ditch attempt to stave off the guard advances, with all the units remaining in the centre and right side of the board shooting and charging. Unfortunately for the Quins, the Scions were in no mood to get up close and personal, gunning down a number on the charge and dealing with the couple that remained in short order. In other news the slap fest came to an end with the death of the solitaire and the survival of my warlord with 1 wound, the rest of the squad sacrificed themselves for their commander. During my turn, most units just moved around to consolidate themselves on to various objectives.

At the end of the game, we totted up the points, and once all the maelstrom points were taken in to account the score was 10 to 9. The guardsmen had just edged out the foul xenos, taking the win. So thats it, all my 7th edition games done and dusted and on to 8th! I will will have an 8th edition report up soon, as i have got my first games under my belt now. Ill do a full writ up on my thoughts as soon as i get a chance to sit down and write them.

Below are some picture taken by the little man.