Friday, 7 July 2017

8th Ed Dagr Ormr list - Militarum Tempestus

So, i'll follow the same pattern as for the Hjaltland LI. Here are the two lists side by side, trying to keep them as similar as possible until I get to grips with what's changed and what's better/worse, although having said that, my lists are pretty fluffy and so not a lot will probably change with this list. Anyway the two lists currently look like this;

MTCS 1 Commander w/bolt pistol
                3x HS Volley
MTS 1    Sgt w/ bolt pistol
              7x Scion w/ vox + 2x Plasma       
MTS 2    Sgt w/Bolt pistol
              7x Scion w/ vox + 2x Plasma       
MTS 3    sgt w/ bolt pistol
              8x Scion w/ vox + 2x HS Volley   
Ground assault formation                           
MTCS 2 Command w/Bolt Pistol
                 w/ medic + Standard +  vox +                     flamer
                Taurox w/Missile launcher
MTS4     Sgt w/bolt pistol              
                8x Scion w/2x Melta + vox         
                Taurox  w/missile launcher         
MTS5     Sgt w/bolt pistol              
                8x scions w 2x melta + vox
                Taurox  w/ gatling cannon           
MTS6     Sgt w/ bolt pistol             
                9x Scion w/ 2x HS Volley + vox   
                Taurox  w/ gatling cannon           

Commander w/ bolt pistol + power sword

CS1         w/ vox + 3x HS Volley
MTS1     Sgt w/ bolt pistol
              7x Scions w/ Vox + 2x plasma
MTS2     Sgt w/ Bolt pistol8
                7x scions w/ Vox + 2x plasma
MTS3     Sgt w/ Bolt pistol
                8x scions w/ Vox + 2x melta
Command w/ Bolt Pistol + power maul

CS2         w/ medic + Standard + vox + flamer
                Taurox w/missile launcher +       autocannon
MTS4     Sgt w/ bolt pistol
              8x Scions w/ Vox + 2x Melta
                Taurox w/ gatling cannon + autocannon
MTS5     Sgt w/ bolt pistol
              8x Scions w/ Vox + 2x HS Volley
                Taurox w/ gatling cannon + autocannon
MTS6     Sgt w/ bolt pistol
              9x Scions w/ Vox + 2x HS Volley
                Taurox w/ gatling cannon + autocannon


So, a few changes but on the whole not many. Most of the squads have remained unchanged, although at the reduced points cost, the squads will gain a member each. I've lost the commissar for the moment, as these squads will most likely be deep striking, something the commissar can't do and so hes not going to be much use.

 After I had written out the list I realised that I had misread a few of the entries. Firstly, I had misread  the entry for the Tempestor Prime, I had assumed that they got the command rod as standard, however you have to chop in your pistol for it. So in the lists above, both commanders will be handing over their pistols for a command rod. The second thing I had missed was that you can now take up to 4 special weapons in a 10 man squad. I don't have the option for adding in extra special weapons, as I don't have extra special weapons and I would have to remodel some scions as well. I could however move models around to enable 4 special weapons in a couple of squads, but I currently don't think it is with it. Time will tell and I maybe doing some remodeling.

The vehicles, the Taurox's, may also see some changes. At the moment they have kept their wargear as it was, however, with the cost of the missile launchers there maybe some changes. Granted the missiles look quite good, but for half the cost the battle cannons aren't to bad. I'm still unsure about what I will do with these yet, hopefully I'll make my mind up before I have to model up some for real.

Another point to not is that the list has dropped in price, not masses, just a bit and with loosing the commissar as well, there are some extra points around. These will be spent on more bodies for the squad, to try and add some more firepower and resilience.

Talking of points, I've always wanted to push this force up to 2000 points but have never been able to, as both cost and model availability haunt been there. Now, with the new setup, I can bring its up to the 2000 mark fairly easily. For starters ill add more scions to the squads, maxing out at 3x10 and 3x9 man squads, as that's all the guys (and girls) I have. Ill also add in some heavy weapons teams, probably a lascannon squad and 2 mortar squads at least, if points allow I might also add in a heavy bolter team or two. All these squads will be supported by at least 1 company commander, more if I add in  more units. I would want at least enough orders for 2 out of every 3 squads, every squad would be nice but 2/3 is good enough. I'm not sure how many points this would add but it would add a lot of extra support. If I did change the Taurox missile launchers for battle cannons, I would also try to add in a second lascannon squad, even if it meant dropping a heavy bolter  squad.

Ill have a play with the squads over the next few weeks and see what I can come up with.