Friday, 7 October 2016

Northen Invasion 4 - the list

As I said in the a previous post, I am going to put my thoughts down. When I looked at the rules and the fact that it looks like it will be Eternal War style missions, I considered if the Hjaltland LI were the best option to take. After looking at all the options, I decided I would take the Hjaltland aftetall. I did this for several reasons, as I thought it would be nice to field a fully painted army, something I haven't done before. That means that I will have to crack on with the Valkryie! Another reason for taking the Hjaltland is the numbers, as I don't think that many other armies will have the same numbers and finally as it is an Eternal War mission, mobility is not so much of an issue. I did consider taking my Hrossey Yeomanry, lots of armor but few object secured troops, meaning that I might not be able to hold any objectives at the end of the game. I also looked at the various marine armies, the Knights are set for mobility and work well in Maelstrom games but not so much in Eternal war, thecsame can be said of the Guardians, which also suffer from a low model count alongside the lack of objective secured troops. Only the Disciples were an option, with the most troop options. The same could be said for the Dagr Ormr, but I would like to get some armor to support them but the Anvil Industries transport is delayed until Christmas, so there on the back burner for the moment. So after all that I went with the Hjaltland LI but with a few minor changes.

As I also mentioned in a previous post, I've already changed my list once. Ill go over the first list, which I played with in the batrep in the last post though and give my thoughts and then my reasons for changing it.

So the list; 
promethiam pipe relay
Company command - creed, standard, medic, missile hwt, MoO
Vets - 3 melts, demos, grenadiers, 
Chimera - multilaser, h. Flamer, storm bolster,cam net
Platoon - 
Pcs-  4 grenade launchers
3x squads - autocannon, Flamer
2x squad - Flamer
Special weapon squad - flamers
2x wyverns - enclosed
2x priest

So a bit different from usual, I decided I'd change it up a little with the different game. The thought was to get some extra mobility and armour on the table, with the chimera for the vets. This would give them the ability to move around the table quickly and still fire. Maxing out the platoon with 5 squads also means I can take both static gun line units with hwt's and mobile units with just flamers. The special weapons squad was to give more flamers and to use up spare points. 

The pipe line looked like fun, with a cool rule to give torrent to the flamers, this I'm defiantly keeping. I loose the quad gun but I also save a bunch of points and get a bunch of torrent flamers. The vets in the chimera, gave some mobility but I think they will be better off back in the Valkryie, as it gives the option to put them anywhere turn 2, rather than somewhere turn 1. The rest pretty much worked out as planned, but the special weapons squad were a bit pointless. I can definitely use the points better elsewhere. 

So I changed the list, putting back a lot of things I had taken out. So the current list is;

Company command - creed, medic, standard, missile hwt, MoO
Company command - 4x plasma guns, carapace
Vets - 3 meltas, demos, grenadiers,
Pcs- 4x flames
2x squads - flames
3x squads - autocannons, flames
2x wyverns - enclosed
3x priest
2x psyker

So a very similar list to what I usually run at 1500 points. Seems I'm not one for change! So as usual the vets will run in the Valkryie and the plasma ccs will run in the vendetta, giving some rapid response/movement options. The vets will have a priest as will each of the blob squads to stop them running. The psykers will be split between the blob squads, depending upon abilities. The ccs in the vendetta are a bit of a sacrificial unit, designed to hit a priority unit and do as much damage as possible before dieing. Hopefully my wyverns will keep up their kill rates, so far they have never let me down. I did think about dropping the MoO and the demos on the vets and maybe a few other bits to get some power weapons on the Flamer blob squad or the Aquila relic for PE on the plasma ccs. I think that I might keep them as they are though, even though this means I have almost 0 anti-vehicle close combat abilities, which hasn't really stopped me in the past!

Hopefully I get a game in to test this list.