Friday, 21 October 2016

Deathwatch list

I'm going to sneak this post in here, as I think the next few weeks are going to be taken up with Northern Invasion battle reports and the likes. I'm down at the in-laws for a few days so hopefully ill get it all written up while the mother in-law is spoiling the bairns!

So I'm going to run through my list and explain my thinking a little bit further than the last Deathwatch post. As this is going to essentially be an extension of my Inquisition list (here) I though that I would just do a quick recap of the forces;

Xenos Inquisitor w/Power armour,  Power Sword, Rad grenades, Psykotroke grenades

Xenos Inquisitor w/Combi-plasma, Power Armour, Psyker ML1
Elite 1 – 7x Acolyte’s w/carapace, hotshot lasgun, 3x stormshield
Elite 2 – 10x Acolyte’s w/carapace, bolt gun, 1x psyker, 1x Priest
Elite 3 – 5x Crusader’s, 5x Death Cult Assassins, 2x Priest

The thinking for the above list is in the Inq post, so I won't go over it again but it won't change with the inclusion of the Deathwatch. So, what is my list?

Black Spear Strike Force formation 

HQ-  Watch Captain w/Artificer Armour, Plasma Pistol, Power weapon, Beacon Angeles

Auxiliary- Ancient - Dreadnought w/ Plasma Cannon

Core- Watch Company-

Watch ccaptain w/ artificer armour, bolt pistol, power weapon.

Aquila Kill team - Librarian ML2 w/boltgun, force sword. 
8x veterans w/boltgun, chainsword

Dominates Kill Team - 2x Vanguard Vets w/stormshield, lightning claw
5x Vets w/boltgun, Stalker Pattern Boltgun

Furor Kill Team- Termie w/storm bolter, power weapon, 
2x termies w/storm bolter, chain fists
2x vets w/Flamer, bolter
3x vets w/infurnus heavy bolters

Purgatus Kill Team - librarian ML2 w/boltgun, force sword
5x vets w/boltgun, stalker pattern boltgun 

Quite a compact list I think. One thing you might notice is there are no transports, well this is due to the deepstrike rule from the strike force. Basic plan is to start with Inq detachment and dread on the table and deepstrike the rest near there specified targets. This is a bit of an alpha strike type list, although its a turn two strike. There should be enough on the board to survive turn 1 quite easily.

I have a few things that I'm not sure about with this list. Firstly it seems that you can't take a boltgun and bolt pistol, which seems odd as that really is the staple marine load. Its not a problem as such but it does mean that you either pay for a pistol or power weapon or take the pretty much useless chainsword. Points wise I've gone for chainsword and extra bodies.

Secondly and related to the first is the fact that I've got a couple of marines in the Furor team armed with bolters and flames. This seems to be not right to me, as its two ranged weapons rather than a ranged and combat weapon, I would have thought I would have had to have one or the other.

The final thing I need to check is pretty much the same as the second, that being all the guys armed with both a regular boltgun and a stalker pattern boltgun. This does seem to be excessive. The idea is good though, move and shoot the boltgun, stand and shoot the stalker, whatever your doing you've got special ammo as well. The stalker pattern is also good for anything t5 and above plus extra range, which you want with t5 plus models.

I think the list is pretty balanced, with some ability to take down light armour (heavy bolters and plasma cannon) and heavy armour (chain fist and dread ccw), and with all the bolters and also stalker pattern bolters I should be able to deal with most things.