Friday, 12 August 2016

Super Heavies

Well, this is a bit of a silly filler post, not one of my best and I'm sure that I've covered this topic before, but here goes anyway.

Super heavies, are they worth it? And by that I mean are the Baneblade and its sister tanks worth the price, both in points and money? I've been thinking for a while I would like a couple of Baneblade hulls in my arsenal, I mean what Imperial general doesn't, but which ones? One would have to be anti-armour and one would be anti-infantry, giving me options.

The main question though, is which version is best for each role? The way I see it, you can split the vehicles in to the two categories; Anti-armour and Anti-infantry.

Now, this was where I was  where I was going to do a break down of all the super heavy tanks, splitting them between anti-Armour and anti-infantry, however, I'm not going to. This is for two reasons, firstly its not quite as clear cut as I thought it would be, as many of the tanks are really quite good at both, large, often apocalypse blasts, with high strength and low ap  values mean that vehicles are just as likely to die as infantry. There are a few exceptions, namely the Stormlord, with its Vulcan mega bolters and the Hellhammer with its ignores cover main weapon are both anti-infantry tanks,  with the Shadowsword and Doomhammer being the only dedicated anti-Armour units, although all these tanks are still capable of taking on all targets.

So, if I'm not going to do a review, what is the point of this post? Well, I still want a super heavy or two, it'll be a while before I get one, but I will get one at some point. The question is which tanks would I like to have? One is easy, it would be the Stormlord, mostly because it just looks and sounds cool, in my opinion anyway. Although, the Hellhammer is also very cool with its ignores cover goodness. The thought of 15 mega bolter shells ripping in to a squad is amusing, and even at BS 3 will do some damage. Using psychic powers ignores cover can be given, along with twin linked, although these aren't guaranteed. The Hellhammer is also good with both the main weapon and a hull mount demolished cannon, it can cause a lot of paint, but its just not as cool Ashe Stormlord in my opinion.

As for anti-armour, well, that more difficult, as the Shadowsword is good, with its D cannon, but I would probably go for the good old Baneblade, as although its not as good, it is still the king of the super heavy tanks. The good old Baneblade still rocks, its a bit of a jack of all trades tank, capable of taking on pretty much anything with a good chance of winning. The Shadowsword d weapon is good but it just doesn't appeal to me.

As for the other tanks, they are all rather to specialist for me and would struggle to find a place in my armies. Not that I can afford one tank, let alone 2 and I have 0 time to actually build anything! All of this may be academic anyway, as with the release of renegade, I will probably be getting two knights who will for fill the roles current earmarked for the tanks. At the moment though, I've got to fix the car, which isn't quite so easy when its 20 of years old, but that's another hobby!