Friday, 19 August 2016

2000pts Nid Vs Tau and IG

This was a game I played several weeks ago, if not months and now my recollections are slightly vague. Ill try to put down as much detail as I can but my notes were written on my phone, my old phone that is, the one that was sitting on the window sill while I mowed the lawn and that one of the cats thought looked a bit like a mouse or something. Anyway, cutting a long story short the phone is in 3 pieces and the memory card doesn't work any more. In pretty sure we won though, it was close but I think we just had it at the end, although I think if we had gone to 5 turns it would have been different.

So, the game; the game was going to be a 1500pts Nids vs the Hjaltland LI, but when I got to the club, one of the younger members was looking for a game and had a 1000pts Tau list. So we joined up and as it wasn't sensible for Nids and Tau to team up, the guard duly stepped up. This mean I needed to trim my list in a hurry to 1000pts, not an easy task! I skinned my platoons down to basics, and cut a flyer, the Valkyrie, but kept the Wyverns.

The Tau consisted, from memory a couple of troop squads, 2 pathfinder teams, a stealth team, a big suit thing (on the left of picture 2) and a commander with body guards. Oh and a piranha.  It was a small but good looking force.

I didn't get a picture of the set up, but basically the Tau took the left flank and the Guard took the right. I can't remember what happened in turn 1, as I didn't take any pictures.

Athe the top turn 2, up pops a Mawloc, right in the middle of our lines. The Tau took the brunt of the attack, loosing most of a fire warrior squad. 

 Oh dear........

Mawloc to the front, Flying Hive Crone in the background, just visible in the back ground above the quad gun. Its hard to see it against the wood panelling in the back ground. During our tun 2, pretty much everything but the wyverns fired at the Mawloc, bringing the beast down before it could do any more damage. The wyverns were to bust squishing bugs else where, Termagants I think, the ones just visible in the picture 2 up.

During turn 3, the Nids received some more reinforcements, in the shape of a couple of their pod things and a couple of big beasties, a Toxicrene (top) and possible a Maleceptor? (bottom). As you can see, the Vendetta has appeared, it came on in our turn 2. 

After shooting at the top of turn 3. Its hard to see, but actually the Guard/Tau are holding up well, but there are still a few big beasties on the field.

This is the dead pile from the Nids at the end of turn 3. Not to bad if I say so myself, a couple of big beasties in there, but mostly the little ones. 

The last two pictures (above and below) are the end game. We had to call it after turn 3 due to running out of time. As you can see, things are not to bad. There are still a respectful amount of Guard/Tau left on the battle field and not a huge amount of Nids, about 6 units if I remember correctly, 2 being pods and 2 being the big ones next tom them. 

I can't remember the exact points total, but I think that we were just ahead, mostly through some last minute shenanigans, like charging in a Tau suit thing to a bunch of Tyranid warriors, skimming the Vendetta for line breaker and gravchute inserting a platoon command squad on to a objective in a suicidal position. None of which we would have done if we had been going on to turn 4, as we would have lost all the units one way or another. Had the game gone all the way its had to say who would have one. i think that it probably would have come down to points, as I think we probably wouldn't have had many units left on the board.

It was very entertaining game, but slow, as it always seems to be when you start introducing extra players, but I wasn't going to leave someone with out a game though.