Friday, 10 June 2016

ED Tactical squad Charlie

And finally, Tactical Squad Charlie! I know your probably getting bored of all this already, but the next few are a little more interesting I promise!

Obligatory group shot 

A demi squad of DV marines.

And just for a change an extra figure in with the specialists! Heavy Bolter on the left with dancing flamer dude in the middle ( I know its a little silly the pose, but I was being quite lazy with these squads) and old skool marine on the right, plastic though, so not that old, but older than the rest of his squad mates.

And lastly, the Sgt, possibly the coolest Sgt out of the three.

So that's the tacticals done, hopefully the rest will be a little more exciting. There is nothing ground breaking but there is a few old skool models and parts scattered about.