Friday, 23 October 2015

WIP list

Well, I thought that I would post up my work in progress list, well lists as it actually is. I have several lists in my WIP folder, 6 in total, one foe each of my armies. The three list here are my main lists and the ones that I'm planning on finishing first, in order of priority.

This list is for my Hjaltland LI, and is probably the most complete army that I own.
As you can see its all pretty colours, well, they do actually mean something. Green is complete apart from a trip into some Army Painter Quickshade, the orange is primed and/or partially painted, yellow is modelled but not primed. Red is a model I own but is incomplete or not made and blue is in need of stripping and starting again or at the very least some TLC to get it table top ready.

So, as you can see, there is a fair amount of green on the board, with a fair bit of orange, although a lot of these models are part painted, mostly with just metallic parts to paint up. This should turn the fair bit green pretty quickly, when I actually get around to painting. The only red part is the Valkyrie, which is still sitting in its box, and has been for well over a year, waiting patiently for the day I finally build it. When it is built it will have rocket pods rather then missiles, mostly because the missiles are pretty much useless.

I would really like to get this army finished, as it would be my first fully painted army, however, my main hobby focus right now is my MT/Dagr Ormr list, as shown below.

This currently the main focus, with 2 boxes of Eisenkern Panzerjager's and a Eisenkern Command Squad box, on the work bench. A few are modelled, mostly the command elements and all the special weapons, even the ones marked in red above. The other red models are wip, a few are sitting with out arms ready for the modified lasguns, and the rest are still in pieces waiting to get the complete torsos glued to the completed leg sections. The lasguns are also in progress, and hopefully they'll be finished by the time this is posted. As for the vets and command squad listed, (and the ratlings) they are in so that I can form these in to either an elite heavy IG list or use the IG as an allied detachment to a MT detachment/formation plus it makes up the points. However, this list may well change, as I have extra scions, and I will be building each squad up to 9 men, including 2 special weapons and a vox. So in order to field all the models, a few things will disappear, mostly the MoO, ratlings and Lord Commisar.

On the right you will see some unshaded boxes, for the Taurox and Tauros, which are on the wish list from Anvil Industries, in the form of the Republic assault vehicle and the Unity Council APC. It maybe a while before they grace a table top though!
Lastly, this is the Eagle Knights list, and as you can see there is a lot of red. The yellow units, Priest, Vanguard and Assault units were modelled for KotN15, the rest are still in boxes/bags awaiting building/modifying. As this army has a slight Chaos trend to it, I've got to combine some chaos stuff with loyal stuff to make the models, but the main problem is few if the chaos heads work with the assault packs. Mostly the 'ears' on the helmets get in the way of the inlets on the packs, so its either standard heads or some shaving is in order. The Rhinos need some love as well, probably stripping but maybe just an overpaint?

So there is a little bit of work to do. The LI list shouldn't take a lot to complete, just painting time and the MT list is the main focus at the moment. Which leaves the EK list languishing at the bottom, although its still above the other 3 lists, the Hrossey Mech, the Emperors Disciples and Dark Guardians, all of which are pretty much red with some yellow. I'll try and post them at some point just so you can see how bad the state of my modelling really is!