Friday, 2 October 2015

The 40k rumour mill

Well, the 40k rumour mill is in full effect again after an eternity of AoS, well, ok, maybe not an eternity just a few months.

So, what's been doing the rounds? well, we all know now that Tau are up next with more cheese suits.  I still haven't seen much, mostly cos I haven't been looking, but from what I've seen, its the same old stuff, just getting rehashed or getting bigger with more guns. I don't mind, its what happens, after all look at SM's and Centurions.

Tau are still one of my least favourite armies, and it will be interesting to see what happens to them, both in terms of rules and points as I think both need adjusting. It will also be interesting to see what happens to there FOC, as this is bound to get a shake up. I personally have no idea how the Tau are formed apart the castes, so I assume that there will be various formations formed from these casts based around a main Fire Caste detachment. It will be interesting to see and may well show if GW have changed anything again.

What's more interesting is the other rumours, that about Chaos and AM. Although these seem pretty far out at the moment, early next year from what I've seen. So what's likely to happen? Well, chaos needs some work and while people don't like the Khorn Demonkin book, I did, and think they should do the extra books. The main think I thing chaos need more than anything, maybe even more that a points adjustment, is fearless or at least an equivalent to ATSKNF. In the end, I think they will be in a similar vain to SM's, with there own twists, maybe this is where we will see the various gods coming in to play, with different "chapter tactics". but who knows.

The main one that interested me however is the AM rumours, as you'd expect. I don't think that there will be new units, it wasn't long ago that we got some new toys, and I cant see any spaces for new units. What really interests/worries me is the new FOC. What will happen? I assume that the whole lot will be based around a infantry company, with supporting elements.

So, what do I mean? Well, I can see a central company structure as a compulsory choice, with options for vets or a platoon. with detachments of armour (Russes), artillery (Wyverns), AA (Hydras), etc, etc. with all of the benefits of taking 3 of each. I can also see there being a few cool set-ups, such as Wyverns with a Taurox in a similar vain to the Wirlwind/Speeder set-up.

While I'm looking forward to some of the possible formations, I am worried about what its going to do to my armies, as I think it will require a complete rethink, ala the new SM codex.