Monday, 12 August 2019

Kill team elites - unit review part 3 (the actual units!)

So we are finally on to the review of the actual new units in the Kill Team Elites expansion and as I start to write this I realise that I haven't actually done a proper review of the units in the original book! Oh well, probably a bit late for that now. In this post I will look at the new units from the Marines (not including primaris units) and also the Deathwatch options. I will also briefly touch on the Grey Knights new units but it will only be briefly. I will then look at the new guard units before moving on to touch on the AdMech and Chaos models. Hopefully I'll get it in to a reasonably sized post but I've a feeling this could spread to a part 4.

Anyway, without further ado, let's look at Terminators. And as you'd expect, there isn't much that was unexpected. They got the standard profile and standard weapons. You can field them as normal or assault variant. Space Wolves get some extra love, being able to take more weapon options that the regular termies but that just reflects the standard 40k setup with wolf guard termies. Dark Angels get to go big with the plasma cannon, which could be fun.

Next up are the Veterans, a whole smorgasbord of options! Included in the "veterans" datasheet are Sternguard, Vanguard and Company versions for a total of 7 entries. Why they just didn't enter them all separately I don't know, maybe so as not to outdo the primaris options? Again though there really isn't much out of place from 40k. All the profiles look (at a glance) to be the same and the weapon options are also the same, but  I'll break it down a little for ease and convenience.

Sternguard can take regular vets, gunners and Sergeants. Now, in general I can't see why you would ever take these as anything but standard, as there special issue boltguns are excellent and you can take options like Combi weapons on other units, without loosing anything in the process. The only exception to this is the gunners, where taking a heavy flamer is just too much fun to not use. Also, plasma cannon can be useful but I really like the look of the grav-cannon. No, I know that grav weapons have taken a bit of a fall this edition but in kill team I think they make more sense. The short range is not so much of an issue and they can put out enough shots and damage to count. I may even think about getting one myself.

Next up are vanguard vets and they are the only ones (apart from SW company vets) to be able to take jump packs. While not overly important in kill team, they can be useful for getting around the board for control of objectives. The only issue is, that once you've kitted them out with the pack and weapons, your looking at 25+ points. My first thoughts are either a pair of lightning claws or thunder hammer and storm shield, 22 and 32 points respectively. I have seen a few options running things like twin plasma pistols for some short range dakka but it's not my personal choice. I would only look yo take these guys normal vets and wouldn't bother with the sergeants.

Lastly, we have the company vers and here things get a little more complicated! Dark angels can only take vets, but only 4 normal and 1 Sgt, no other vets and the wolves can also only take company vets but can take as many as they like and can also take jump packs. I've said it before, but did Dark Angels get screwed over or what? No jump packs, limited numbers, reduced options. Anyway, company vets, the final choice, with options for normal vets and vet Sgt. Now, there are a few options with these guys but I really only see the point of taking them if your going for Combi weapons or special weapons. If your going for pistol and\or melee weapons, you might as well take a Vanguard vet. Special weapons wise I can really only see the point in plasma. Grav could be useful but the others don't really seem worth it for kill team. Combi weapons are pretty useful though, giving you the advantage of options, which are good for a small team.  For the Combi options this is about the only times I would recommend taking a flamer or melta on a marine, as you have the option to use the boltgun most of the time but switch it up when you need to. Again, I wouldn't bother with grav, despite having said how great I think the grav-cannon is! My first choice though would be the storm bolters, 4 shots at 12 inches is not to be sniffed at! One of my favorite load outs  for company vets would be a storm bolter and storm shield, giving a good output of shots and some good durability. Send him up in support of a vanguard vet with either claws or hammer and you'll have a solid core to a team. Support it with some long range shooting scouts and job done, maybe.

At this point I'll throw in the Deathwatch, as they can take only one option a Vanguard vet, which has to take a jump pack, meaning that it's will cost you a minimum of 21 points (vet + pack + special issue ammo). If your taking a Vanguard vet, your probably not going to want to go standard, so it's probably going to cost you more, which is reducing your overall team numbers, potentially down to as little as 4 members. Not sure if the Vanguard vet is worth taking over a black shield, as base cost is more plus you loose some special rules. I can see you running one if you want to take a hammer and shield or a pair of claws but apart from that I can't really see why you'd take one.

Grey knights also seems a little odd. Now I fully admit that I know very little about grey knights but the new options, terminators and paladins don't seem to offer much except more wounds and a greater save, weapon options seem to stay the same. Also, a paladin paragon is 50 points, 50! That's crazy money that is, even in the 125 point elite games.

Next and lastly for this part ( I'll look at AdMech and Chaos in another part) are the guard models. Now as a guard player, you'd probably expect me to write loads here but I'm not. The new options are Ogryns and Bullgryns, that's it. Ogryns are ok, there tough and strong with a reasonable weapon but there not outstanding and definitely not an auto take option. For what they are and what they do, I wouldn't even bother with Ogryns. Bullgryns on the other hand are worth considering but only just. There expensive, have not shooting and against Marines are just short of getting the 2+ to wound, being S7 and therefore on a 3+. They add in some combat ability, which is lacking with guard but only if you bring the maul and slabshield. The bruteshield is ok but it only give a 4++ invulnerable save and unless your going to face lots of high AP weapons, your better off with the slabshield. I like them and all but I think they are just to expensive for what they bring to the table.

Edit: I was intending to post this last Friday but didn't get it finished in time, which is quite lucky as it turns out! Today (Saturday) I played a game of kill team at my local toy store, a sort of demo game and decided to run a Bullgryn for the fun. It absolutely smashed everything it touched. 4 turns and in splatted 2 Vanguard vets and one primaris Sgt. The maul is brutal, especially with 2 damage. As a result I have reconsider my position. Ogryns are probably still pants but Bullgryn rock, as long as there in combat. Even out of combat there a tough nut to crack with a slabshield for a 2+ base save.

Next up and the final post I promise, will be chaos and AdMech units.


  1. I think I might want to try Vanguard Veterans with paired Chainswords. It's def their best build in regular 40K. Lets them just shred anything light-medium.

    Dark Angels are in a weird place with Veterans. For years, they didn't field Power-Armoured Veterans at all, only Terminators. Then GW came up with some cool PA Vet Models, so they added in the Company Veterans thing.

    Grey Knights have pretty much the same options across all of their Units, yeah. Historically, building a GK Army has more or less just meant working out the Points per Wound and Points per Shot of the various Units and spamming whichever was most efficient in that edition, tho sometimes the different Units have each had different Psychic Powers as well.

    1. Hadn't really thought about that for vanguard vets but I'm not sure it's really worth it. I think if your going to spend the points, you need something that's got a very good chance of getting the job done, such as lightning claws.

      I do agree that DA vets should be in TDA but you can argue they look cool.

      I would have thought that GK would get some other options with the heavier troops. It's a bit boring if all you do is wack things in to MathHammer and take what come out on top.

    2. I'll probably give a Vanguard a try like that, since I have a full Squad of them already anyhow, so it doesn't really cost me anything. It definitely does depend on who you're up against with just a single one, tho.

      Yeah, the fluff was actually changed for them purely because the Models looked cool :)

      I would have thought so too, but nope. Just the same four CCWs and three special guns. Probably related to the fact that GK haven't had any new Models other than Characters since 5th Ed. Before that, I think it was just three CCW options and two special guns, and before that, they didn't even have Power Armour or special gun options, they were all Terminators with Storm Bolters and the only choice was between a Sword or a Halberd.