Saturday, 24 November 2018

Future projects

Recently you may have noticed that I have been posting a bit more sporadically than usual. I have generally tried to keep to posting twice a week or at the very least once a week but recently I've been struggling to do even that. There are a few reasons for this. I haven't lost any of my enthusiasm for the blog and I actually have a number of posts, either sitting in my draft folder, half finished, or in my head, waiting for me to actually get something written down. I have my guard kill team to post up, along with all the fluff and back story for each member. My deathwatch are also modelled up and ready for painting, plus I've started building my marine and AdMech teams. I've also got a couple of other posts sitting waiting to be finished plus some batreps. Plenty of content to keep me going for weeks.

There are several reasons for not posting. My new job is a factor that i've mentioned before.  Working nights over the weekend has meant that I've lost a lot of my hobby time, not only as I'm sleeping on the weekends but also it means that I don't get as much free time during the week as I'm catching up with my housework, such is the life of a house husband. The main reasons that I haven't had time to write and post stuff is that I've been spending all of my other free time on the DIY.

I'm currently upgrading the utility room (read upgrading as building a whole new one) and redoing the play room, which I'm in the process of stripping back to bare walls and floors. There is a good reason for this, as there will be a new arrival to the family in february and as such were going to need some better washing and drying facilities, apart from the back of the garage and the spare bedroom (which won't be spare for very long).

I'm hoping that I might get some more time to blog in the new year but we'll see. I know that I probably could use my breaks at work to do some blogging, but right now it's 4 o'clock on Saturday morning and I've been up since 8am with a two and a half hours sleep while the young lady was at nursery on Friday afternoon and I'm pretty much just monging while watching rubbish on YouTube. Saturday and Sundays are a little better as I don't get up till about 2 but then I don't get an afternoon nap before work. I guess I'm just getting ready for all the sleepless nights when the next one turns up!

Anyway, I haven't gone anywhere, real life is just taking over somewhat. Hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon.

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