Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Chapter symbols part 2

This is a bit of a double post, as first i want to mention this:

It arrived on Monday afternoon and I have started reading through everything. It is possibly the best codex I have read in a while and I will be looking at starting my reviews shortly. In the meantime, here is something slightly different.

A few weeks ago, I posted my thoughts and (rather bad) designs for my chapter icons, well, I think I've pretty much got the Emperors Disciples icon sorted.

I was cleaning the other day and I came across this badge;

I have no idea what its for or even where its come from, although I suspect that it is from something that the kids have been doing. Anyway, it got me thinking and while the young lady was making a mess in the bathroom the other day, I came up with these;

Yes, they are the same picture, ones upside down, don't ask me which, I don't know yet. Also ignore the squiggle thing in the center, it was supposed to be a lightning bolt but I do t like it. By that I mean, I don't like it as part of the design, not just because its rubbish. As things stand I'm leaning to the one of the right and think that it needs more detail below. I'm currently thinking of a line with a solid triangle, sitting inside the lines of the other triangle, maybe with some other details on there too.

I'm not entirely sure how the icon will interact with the name of the chapter or its history, as there is no link to the Imperial Fists. The lightning bolt was supposed to link back to the Emperor, but I didn't like it, so it will not be part of the final design. I will have to have a little play around and try it on a model and see what my final thoughts are and let you all know.