Saturday, 16 September 2017

Northern invasion 5 thoughts part 2

So, just in case you didn't read the last post, this follows on from my initial thoughts about my 1000 point army. However this post will be about how this post over at the Warhammer 40k Blog changed my way of thinking quite dramatically. Now, the post in question was a bout building a 12 command point list (or 14 with the inclusion of Creed) for 1000 points, which was just perfect timing for the tournament, even though sadly I wont be able to attend.

The list in question is based around the max min theory or maxing out on minimum sized/priced units, and then building from there. Now for his final list, he includes a number of units that I do not own, namely Yarrick, Bullgryns and Rough Riders (although I would love to own some rough riders). As such I have modified the list slightly to take in to account the fact that I don't own these units and also to take into account my own play style and needs. so what did I come up with?

2x Company Commander w/ Boltgun
Tempestor Prime w/ Power maul and Command rod

Inf Squad 
2x Inf Squad w/ Autocannons
2x Inf Squad w/ Grenade Launcher
MT Squad w 2x Meltaguns

2x Commissar w/ Bolt Pistol
MT Command Squad w/ Plasma Guns

Fast Attack
2x Scout Sentinels w/ Autocannon and Chainsaw
Scout Sentinal w/ Multilaser

Heavy Support
2x HWS w/ 3x Lasconnons

All for 1000 points and most importantly 14 command points, 3 for battle forged, 9 for a Brigade Detachment and 2 more for Creeds Tactical Genius.

So, that's the list, but is it well rounded? Well, I think so. There are a total of 9 orders, although two are dedicated to MT units, which is fine as there are only 2 MT units to give orders to. The other 7 will be spread across the other 7 units, so in reality, an order each. Perfect. There is a good spread of firepower as well, with plenty of bodies in the troop section to add weight of fire, plus bodies to take objectives. There is also lots of heavy anti-infantry with a number of autocannons, some mounted on mobile platforms, the Sentinels. The Wyvern also adds to the anti-infantry firewpower. There is also some plasma goodness in there for tougher targets and being MT troops, there is the possibility of some character sniping, with dropping in behind. There is also a good amount of anti-armour as well, with the autocannons doubling up for lighter vehicles, the grenade launchers can also double up for lighter vehicles and infantry but the main anti-armour is the two HWS units, which can kick out 6 lascannon shots, with the potential to do 36 wounds a turn. ok, there far more likely to do about 12, but they have the potential and they are actually less fragile than they use to be, as T6 weapons wont insta-kill them any more. Sat in cover they will be fairly hard to shift without some dedicated shooting. The squad of Melta Scions is a good backup for the Lascannons and will be able to drop in on anything hiding out of sight of the Lascannons. 

So, I think it covers most areas, the only real weakness that I can see is that there is very little mobility in the list, but if the format remains the same, which I believe that it will, were looking at objectives and kill points being the main victory conditions. This list does have a lot of kill points to give up if its done on a one point per unit basis as it was last year, but I have suggested switching over to the power points system that some other tournaments seem to use, as in you gain the number of power points that each unit costs when you kill it off. As most of the units are cheap units in terms of power points, if they go with that system, it should help reduce the effect somewhat. As for objectives, I don't think that there will be many other armies out there that will be able to field as many bodies as this at 1000 points. Nids and Tau maybe?

Now, as it stands, 14 Command Points is not huge, as there are only there Stratagems that can be used, the main rule book three, but even using a re-roll a turn means that I would have 4 points left for the other ones. Now, with the commissars I hopefully wont need the Insane Bravery one much, however Counter Offensive could be useful for getting a few strikes in first before being wiped out, as guard aren't really combat monsters. When the codex comes along, I think 14 command points will be huge, but until then its just useful. I might have to make a few tweaks to this list before I would be completely happy with it but by the time you read this I should hopefully have played a game against someone who is attending the tournament. It was supposed to be our no holds barred testing session and even though I'm not going, I'm still going for the jugular! I'll write it up in the next few days and get it posted along with my post game thoughts on the list.