Friday, 16 December 2016

Blood Angles Demi Company list review

Following on from last week, I've updated my Knights list. I know that I can still use the Baal strikeforce and don't have to change to the angels blade formations, but its pretty clear that the old FOC system is going to end up getting scrapped in favour of this system. So it therefore makes sense when I'm just about to start painting the Knights, having finished the Hjaltland LI, to paint them to the new formations rather then have to eventually repaint them from the FOC.

I'm going to go through my old list first and then the new list so that they can be compared, as there are a few changes, both interns of losses and additions.

Captain - 210
Valours Edge, Artificer armour, Storm Shield, Razorback

Priest - 96
Pistol, Angles Wings, Crown Angelic

Tac - 165
10 marines, Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer

Tac - 215
10 marines, Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Rhino, Stormbolter

Command Squad - 190
Standard, 3 Storm Shields, 3 Power Weapons

Vanguard - 215
5 Vets w/jump packs, 4x Lighting Claws, Power Axe, Power Sword, Power Maul

Death Company - 265
Jumppack, 3x power mauls, 3x plasma pistol, 2x thunder hammers, 2x boltguns

Lemartes - 130

Assault - 175
10x Marines, melta bomb

Assault - 195
10x Marines, power fist,

Baal Pred - 145
Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armour

With the options for the new formations I decided to go for the Angels Blade Strike Force and the basic Demi-company. For the auxiliary option I decided to go with the DC formation instead of the rapid assault force, mostly as both can perform the same function with jump troops, but the DC are just better with more options


Leaders of the Angelic Host (286pts)

Command Squad (200pts)
Jump Packs, 4x lightning claws, power axe, champion, novitiate - modified vanguard vets, loose one vet to the novitiate, only way to get the unit in to the force.

Sanguinary Priest (86pts)
Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Jump pack, The Crown Angelic - only one relic allowed so lost the Angels Wings.

Core (940pts)

Battle Demi-company

Assault Squad (170pts)
10x Assault Marines, Jump Packs - same as before, just running solo now.

Captain (120pts)
Bolt Pistol, Power weapon, Storm shield - lost the relic blade and artificer armour, as well as razorback.

Command Squad (175pts)
3x power swords, 3x stormshields, champion, noviate - lost the standard, not an issue.

Devastator Squad (110pts)
4x Heavy bolter - new unit, replaces Baal Pred, not as good but no choice in the matter.

Dreadnought (100pts)
Multi-melta - new unit, don't want it but no choice.

Tactical Squad (85pts)
5x marines, Flamer, Hand Flamer -all three tactical squads are minimum size as I don't have point to max them out, also they lost a transport, stupid dreads.

Tactical Squad (90pts)
5x marines, Heavy flamer, Hand Flamer

Tactical Squad (90pts)
5x marines, Heavy flamer, Hand Flamer


Death Company Strike Force

Death Company Chaplain (150pts)
Crozius Arcanum, The Angel's Wing - replaces Lemartes, 

Death Company Dreadnought (125pts) - no choice, don't  want it.

Death Company Squad (175pts)
3x Bolt Pistol, 2x Bolter, 3x Chainsword, 5x Death Company Marine , Jump Pack, 2x Thunder Hammer - half the old DC, the heavy hitters

Death Company Squad (115pts)
5x Bolt Pistol, 5x Chainsword, 5x Death Company Marine, Jump Pack - transferred assault marines  make up the numbers. Running as basic as possible. 

Death Company Squad (205pts)
2x Bolt Pistol, 2x Chainsword, 5x Death Company Marine, Jump Pack, 3x Plasma Pistol, 3x Power Weapon - the other half of the old squad.

As you can see there is quite a change between the two lists. One issue is the lack of transports for the tactical marines. This means that they will either be stationary for most of the game or be foot slogging across the board, both of which are not ideal. Its at this point that I will moan about the inclusion on the dreadnoughts in to both lists, without them i could afford the transports that I need, by my count 2 rhino's and a razorback. I could cut points from the death company force, but they are the hard hitting part of the force and need to be armed effectively. As it is, I'm happy with the new list. It retains its fluff, kinda, but more importantly, it retains all the jump infantry!