Friday, 4 December 2015

More Green stuff - Power Mauls

Well, after the success of my first foray in to Green Stuff modelling, I have decided to test my new found skills. The target of this round of modelling will be power mauls. Why? Well, have you ever tried to find a power maul for a marine? Power axes, power swords, power fists, not a problem, got hundreds of them, but power mauls? Er, what? You want power mauls? I've found one in the old DA bits/upgrade sprue but that's it. EBay have some FW ones at about 4 pound a pair (I need 3), but in all my bits I cant find any more.

It seems that power mauls are one of the forgotten weapons of 40k and I can understand why. They ap4 and S+2, which sits in between power swords and power axes. Their issue comes as they are not marine killers, i.e. ap3, and they don't have the power of the axe, however, I think that when combined with the BA codex and their +1 strength on the charge. This means that on the charge, an assault marine armed with a maul will be S7, which will pretty much kill anything armoured with a 4+ save, i.e. Tau, Guard and some Orks. They will also put some hurt on to a lot of vehicles, as armour 12 is easily within reach.

But my main reason for including these weapons in my army is for my BA/Eagle Knights DC boys, as with rage they will be putting out 5 attacks at S7 on the charge. This means that they are a pretty potent CC unit. The unit itself will be formed of 5 blokes plus Lemartes, with 2 Thunder hammers and boltguns and 3 will have plasma pistols and power mauls, and they will go monster/tank hunting. This means that the unit will be putting out 20 S7 and 8 S9 attacks on the charge, re-rolling to hit due to Lemartes, not to mention the 3 S7 ap2 shots before they charge and the 6 S5 hammer of wrath attacks. All the weapons are concussive, which is a nice bonus. All in all, this will give most monstrous creature some trouble.

The only trouble is getting the power mauls, and the one I have got are not the easiest to copy, but we will see.

As for copying, here is my progress.

The moulds. One the left you can see the mould being formed and on the right, the formed mould.

The new Power Mauls.
From the images above you can see the moulds and the finished mauls. You can see that their not to bad, however, some of the finer detail didn't copy across to well, mostly the eagle on the wrist, which was to be expected. Also this shows the first ands third cast, the second was ruined by my eagerness to split the mould and ended with me warping the top half of the maul. The next stage is to cut the arms at the wrist and mount them on to different arms to give different poses to the different models. For this I have some old weapon less arms that I will be butchering.
The new arms

And the finished products
I've said it before in my last post, but I'll say it again, I'm not one for the outright copying of parts and models and I don't intend on doing such things, but I cant find any power mauls anywhere on GW kits that I can use. So, I have copied this one and I probably will not copy anymore as I have what I need.