Hildasay PDF

Regiment Origin

Regiment Classification - 
Planetary Defense Force
Recruitment Criteria - 
Nature of Recruitment - 
Regiment Homeworld - 
Imperial World
Homeworld Predominant Terrain - 
Hive world

Regiment Tactical Information
Regiment Core Units
 - heavy infantry
 - Hive warfare
Loyalty Rating
 - Undisciplined
Special Equipment
 - Traditional Weapon
Regiment Creed
 - For the homeworld
Regiment Relations
 - Imperial Guard/PDF  – Hildasay System
Regiment Enemies
 - Chaos-aligned groups, hive gangs,

The Hildasay PDF is a contradiction in terms. For starters, Hildasay is technically a moon and not a planet. Then there is the fact that the force is not equipped or numerous enough to defend much of anything, let alone the whole moon, and finally, it doesn't have much force behind it, as that is held by the adaptus arbites. What the PDF does have though is that it is a small but dedicated force, being formed of true volunteers and not conscripts. There are several reasons for this, firstly, the adaptus arbites act more like a hive gang than law keepers, working on the theory that to keep the law, you need to be bigger and more feared than the gangs and with the power of the legal system behind them, they can get away with anything, even murder. Not only are the arbites a law unto themselves, they are supported by the local militia policia, who are basically gangers who have switched sides, for a number of reasons, but usually involving death sentences. Another reason is that there are few other opportunities to escape the slums of the hive and the PDF offer a good wage and opportunities. The final reason for being formed of volunteers is simple, if there is any conscription it is centralised, with first pick going to the arbites and then the policia, before going to the PDF, by which time there are few candidates left who are remotely acceptable. By only taking volunteers however, the PDF get to choose who they take and who they don't.
Another challenge the PDF have to overcome is equipment supply or rather lack of. Apart from the obvious lasguns, the PDF has a number of ancient heavy bolters, mostly hand me downs from the arbites, a few lascannons and a large number of mortars, both of which are extremely effective in the enclosed environment of the hive.
The PDF is currently lead by General Conner, a lifetime soldier who joined at the tender age of 12, although his paper work claimed he was 15. He showed promise from the very beginning and rose quickly through the ranks, becoming the commanding officer at the age of 37 (or 34, depending on which paperwork you read) and has held that position for the last 20 years, as one of the longest serving commanders. There are many reasons for this longevity, most it's down to the fact that Conner is as good a politician as he is a soldier, and while in the eyes of many the PDF is a shadow of it's former self, in truth it is stronger, better manned and equipped than it has been for a long time.
The PDF is split into two main forces, the line regiments and the grenadier regiments. The line regiments form the main bulk of the force, with the grenadier forming a core of veterans, tasked with undertaking the more important and/or specialist missions. The PDF normally deploy in mixed formations with both grenadier and line units, this can either be in regiment strength down to just individual squads working together. When the PDF does deploy, it is usually in support of the arbites and policia, and are normally assigned basic duties, such as cordon duty or guard duties, very rarely are they involved in the actual operation. This is due to the fact that they are not directly controlled by the governor general and are legally, according to ancient Hildasay law, not supposed to involve themselves with internal policing.
Updated: Feb 17